Wednesday, November 4, 2009

archival footage vol1...

searching for a particular set of negatives today i ran across an old reporter's style notepad i used to keep on me when i didn't have a bag to carry my regular sketchbook. Among other things the notepad contained a poem i had wrote many years ago. It got me thinking, i should start introducing this 'archival footage' in this space in the middle of the night, sort of like a midnight movies kind of thing. S, from time to time, i hope to find something worthy for Archival Footage. Enjoy volume 1...

let them all know i walk the streets at night,
i stalk for a clue and for sound,
i see the orbs of light and hear the thunderclap—
a star that streaks the blackness
the roar of elastic leaving marks,
a din that acts like silence

i see the watchers as they leer
young and old they spy the plight,
leaving their thoughts paralyzed at root—
orbs of black, streaks of light

6/26/03—1:38 am

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