Thursday, November 13, 2008

same old jets...

Tonight the Jets get to show everybody how good they are.

I'm going to say because I believe it true; THE JETS CAN WIN THE SUPER BOWL THIS YEAR.

They can. The offensive and defensive lines have been downright dominant for a few weeks now. Thomas Jones has hit his stride. Darelle Revis has cut the field in half. Dustin Keller is starting to make a difference and Brett Farve can still throw it when it counts—and nine games in, he finally seems to know how to drive this car. They are getting better and better every week, much like the Giants did last year. Sure, the Titans look strong, real strong, but the only real defense they have faced this year doesn't really have an offense (Steelers). The Jets can score points, stop the run and rush the quarterback. They are opportunistic in the secondary and know how to tackle. They run the ball well and have a dangerous return man. While I'm not much of a Mangini fan—I think he's a shakey decision maker, he keeps the team grounded and motivated and sometimes, especially when you have a guy like Farve.

All of that said, if they lose tonight, pack it in and go home. They will probably make the playoffs and maybe even win  a week, but who cares. Farve is gone next year and your looking at Kellen Clemens, although I would prefer Brett Ratliff.  Thomas Jones will be a year older, and they have a middle to late round draft pick. 

This is their time. A win tonight builds confidence on the road. A win tonight clears the way for a division title and a bye week. There a lot of good teams in the NFL. The Steelers are good, so are the Redskins, and the Bears the Colts, the Bills, the Ravens and even the Cardinals. In my mind the only two teams playing Super Bowl football right now are the Titans and the Giants. The Jets are on the precipice of something special. 

The Patriots are good. But more importantly the are the Jets' nemesis. Their monkey, their dragon to slay. The Jets are good. They are worlds better than they were in Week 2, but whether they are Super Bowl good, well...

Football seasons are filled with sea changes. no one saw the Giants coming until they were strolling down Broadway. But the Giants have won some big games in their time. Its been a long time since Broadway Joe did his pimp walk sporting the fur coat and a flask of  Alabama moonshine. He is the only guy you really care to recognize when it comes to the Jets. The Richard Todd book signings attract more lint then football fans, even his mother wouldn't want his signature. Wesley Walker was a fan favorite but so was Johnny Lam Jones. Blair Thomas. Jeff Lageman. Browning Nagle. Thankfully, I find it hard to remember anything earlier than AJ Duey.


This is their night to show the world they are not the same old Jets, at least for one season.


J-E-T-S! Jets, Jets, Jets! Kick 'em in the knee fellas!

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