Tuesday, November 4, 2008

open your eyes...

Wake up America. You've been sleeping. Or should have say, you've been sleeping one off. You passed sometime around 8:46 Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001. You were under the covers and you let the monster in your closet to take over. Not to worry, I've been up tending the fire, I'll get you up to date.

It was a sham,—it still is, but this 8-year blight is dissolving into history and the Constitution is still intact. I thank you.

The events of the past hours were a referendum on ignorance. I've actually spent some part of the past 8 years surrounded by such unadulterated foolishness. But this era of ignorance has ended. Voodoo economics, vampire foreign policy, hate and fear be gone. Its time. 

There will be more about the past and the future in this place, this is but a preamble. But for now I'm going to save the politics and pontification for another time, there's no need for all that salt. Back in my days of street philosophy up against the store window I used to say that I'll stand here and talk about any number of things, you can choose to listen and participate or you can walk on by. The Camel Lights have disappeared, but the attitude has not. I haven't written with any purpose for many years, but I feel its time to get to it again. I'll be writing about any number of things here, you can choose to read, digest and participate or you can go read someone else's tripe. It's fine with me.  

Right now I choose to bask in the light of reason. 

Rub your eyes America, that beacon you see is the constellation of logic.

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You can't remember where it was!

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