Thursday, February 4, 2010

the following is my comment left on Judge Roughneck's facebook page. I had been toying with how to attack this issue in the constellation, but I think this says it all...

What's insulting about fiscal conservatives is that they sold us a bill of goods that anyone with a memory knows didn't work the first time, in fact, George Herbert Walker Bush lost a second term to it. He, in fact, created the moniker "voodoo economics".

Supply side economics does not work. Any effort to manipulate the law of supply and demand will always end in the benefit of the very few and a crushing blow to the rest. Supply side economics are why we are in this recession, not planes flying into buildings, or wars. Supply side economics and all of the lousy tax cuts from the W years led us into the recession of the early part of the decade, and we never really made back to level ground.

The real tack to these conservative democrats should be through strong and viable liberal opposition. It was a mistake to make a deal with the devil in the first place. I'd rather have a strong minority of honest-free thinkers than a feckless majority.

nice to hear from ya', bro'ham...

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